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Alice Necklace
Step back in time, to the 1930s, and you'll find the inspiration for this romantic piece. Named for Alice Paul, an early leader of voting rights for women, it echoes the Art Deco style of the time.
Alcazar Heart Crystal Necklace
Perfectly Brighton in every way, this silver-plate filigree heart is dotted with a singular Swarovski crystal. The design gracefully incorporates the chain.
Trust Your Journey Heart Necklace
A melange of Swarovski crystals rests within this heart pendant. As a breathtaking focal point and adornment to any outfit, the Trust Your Journey necklace offers a winning combination of color.
Nature's Wisdom Elephant Necklace
We tapped Nature's Wisdom for this inspired collection. Symbolized by a gentle elephant, the quote on the back of this pendant reminds us, Love never forgets.
Twinkle Necklace
This pendant necklace shimmers with glam.
Toledo Alto Necklace
A lariat silhouette offers three-inches of adjustability on this necklace featuring our classic Toledo motif. Look on the bottoms of the "tassels" and you'll see the shape echoed again!
Sofi Necklace
A dainty heart-shaped pendant with extra sparkle, the Sofi necklace creates a fashionable focal point with its oversized Swarovski and scroll. Six stations on the leather cord add even more interest.
Halo Mini Reversible Necklace
A single Swarovski stone in a rich tanzanite hue gives this simple necklace a refined quality usually reserved for fine jewelry.
Messina Necklace
Inspired by the architecture of the Cathedral of Messina in Italy, these richly hued Swarovski crystals peek out from beneath intricate silver openwork.
Romanesque Necklace
Inspired by a Romanesque-style facade in Old Town Pasadena, our designer combined architectural elements with whimsical additions, fitting all of the motifs together like a puzzle. Chain adjusts by two full inches!
Divine Feminine Reversible Necklace
Our designer fell in love with this soft triangular silhouette from Swarovski, using it as the centerpiece of her design. In "Blue Shade," it has 49 facets. The overall look of the piece is a mix of vintage and contemporary styles. Reversible, too.
Aragon Reversible Necklace
Built for King Ferdinand II, the monastery of St. John in Toledo, Spain, inspired this Boho luxe collection. Free spirited, elegant, timeless--and reversible!
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