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Products tagged with Women's Jewelry

Cleopatra Bracelet - Uno de 50
Silver Cleopatra Bracelet.
Crystal Voyage Post Drop Earrings
A kaleidoscope of shapes and colors, in a dark to light ombre, create movement within these doorknocker earrings. Dangling from crystal-embellished posts, they are face-flattering and fab!
Hinged Bracelet - Uno de 50
Hinged Leather Bracelet
"What A Mess!" Bracelet - Uno de 50
Meridian Orbit Bracelet
The Orbit Collection is made up of small barrels of pave that mimic the orbit of the moon around earth. Simple, delicate, and super stackable.
Alice Necklace
Step back in time, to the 1930s, and you'll find the inspiration for this romantic piece. Named for Alice Paul, an early leader of voting rights for women, it echoes the Art Deco style of the time.
Twinkle Mini Post Earrings
Sweet and petite jewelry shapes keep shining on the fashion runways, and on earlobes, everywhere!
Alcazar Heart Crystal Necklace
Perfectly Brighton in every way, this silver-plate filigree heart is dotted with a singular Swarovski crystal. The design gracefully incorporates the chain.
Interlok Circle French Wire Earrings
Celtic knots, known to symbolize life, love and connection, are distilled to their simplest elements: silver circles, sleek and elegant. These earrings add polish to any outfit.
Christo Narrow Strap
Affix this leather strap inside your narrow Christo Cuff Bracelet and you've got a cuff with a pewter background. Reverse it, and your cuff looks totally different against a sandy hue!
Trust Your Journey Link Bracelet
A melange of multi-hued Swarovski crystals are broken by rectangular links studded with style. The effect is dramatic!
Aragon Reversible Necklace
Built for King Ferdinand II, the monastery of St. John in Toledo, Spain, inspired this Boho luxe collection. Free spirited, elegant, timeless--and reversible!
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