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Products tagged with Women's Jewelry

Cleopatra Bracelet - Uno de 50
Silver Cleopatra Bracelet.
Awesome Bracelet - Uno de 50
Golden oval link bracelet with the Uno de 50 padlock.
Star Tremendous - Uno de 50
Golden metal ring with Swarovski Crystal.
Hogar Dulce Hogar Ring - Uno de 50
Hogar Dulce Hogar Plated Ring One. Size: Large
The Fang Ring - Uno de 50
Silver ring with a Fang inset. Size L
I Love Us Bracelet - Uno de 50
Black, red, silver bracelet.
"What A Mess!" Bracelet - Uno de 50
Color Clique Pave Heart Bracelet Set
Using specially engineered grooves on either side of the hardware, our Color Clique Cords allow you to switch out the nylon cord and replace it with a different color (sold separately). They're the ultimate in versatility. Stack them on for extra fun!
Trust Your Journey Post Earrings
These post earrings feature a melange of multi-hued Swarovski crystals.
Cape Star Mini Post Earrings
Nautical and nice, these starfish shapes will keep your favorite seaside treasures in sight.
Halo Long Necklace
Like lights in the night sky, lavender and aqua Swarovski crystals twinkle along this Halo Long Necklace -- each cluster like the stars seen through a telescope.
Christo Cuff Narrow Leather Strip
Affix this leather strip inside your narrow Christo Cuff Bracelet and you've got a cuff with a black background. Reverse it, and your cuff looks totally different against our dune hue!
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